Chameleon-like composer of works for cinema, theater, games, advertisements, and the concert hall, noted for his melodic-inspiration, emotional intensity, and stylistic range. Lutz has led film scoring seminars, served as Composer-in-Residence for game companies, presided over a region-wide young composers’ competition, held music appreciation lectures open to the public, and in his spare time, tutored music theory students at the university level. An accomplished guitarist, Lutz earned invitations to perform at blues, rock, and classical venues and festivals and to study with New York Guitar Seminar’s Lifetime Achievement Award Winner Bruce Holzman and Pavarotti-session-guitarist Sebastian Accosta-Fox in the most prestigious classical guitar program in North America. As a composer, orchestrator, arranger, lyricist, and guitarist, Brian Christopher Lutz’s work consistently surpasses expectations, with frequent comparisons to Danny Elfman.

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