• “Brian is an amazingly talented composer with 24/7 enthusiasm. He delivered under tight deadlines well beyond my expectations, surpassing anything we’ve ever dealt with before. I loved one of the songs he gave us under deadline so much I wanted to create a new game just based around that song so I could hear more of it. Working with Brian is always really exciting!”Fabian Florez, Creator of RISE OF THE RAVAGER for X-Box, ASTRO DROP, THREE DEAD ZED for X-Box
  • “Brian took our film to another level. The music really pushed the film to that special place and made it memorable to people, which is exactly what I wanted.  So I think we were successful!”–Mark Bauer, Writer/Director of LUCKY BREAK, Camera operator for the ABC produced reality show, SHAQ’s BIG CHALLENGE 
  • “I was astonished by the profundity of Mr. Brian Lutz’s compositions. When I heard his symphonic works, I felt I was back in the 19th century. When I heard his pop songs, I was absolutely amazed by this young man’s variety of abilities. It will be great to see Mr. Brian Lutz have his stage to shine on one day in the near future.”–Polly Rovins, Former Professor of Piano Performance at Music Talented Elementary School in Taiwan (15 years), Former Music Theory Instructor at Japan Yamaha Young Children Education Institute (10 years), Member of MTNA (Music Teacher National Association), Member of GSJC (Greater South Jersey Chorus)
  • “When I hear most music, I begin to analyze it rather than enjoy it and let it transform me as does the music of the masters. Brian Lutz writes that kind of transforming music. I keep thinking, did this young man write this?? Seriously?? I have not been this excited about delving into the language, colors, storyline, style of a composer since I was in college and told by a wise professor not to dare break the album seal off the Beethoven Ninth as “our freshman ears were not ready for it.” We did it immediately. Brian has something to say that we need to hear, but maybe you’re not ready for it?”–Joan Torbett, Violinist, Imperial Symphony Orchestra

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